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My wife is rarely wrong. However, she has been wrong twice for sure in our marriage. I'll explain.

So, a few years ago I was depressed about the lack of forward momentum in my acting career. My wife sat me down and gave me some straight talk. She is an actress with decades of experience so I listened. She said, "Guri, you have to put yourself out there. You can't just sit around waiting for Steven Spielberg to call you and offer you his next movie". Made sense.

Shortly thereafter, I was offered "Munich", a Steven Spielberg film. My wife was the one that got the call. She comes into the living room and casually announces, "Guri it's Steven Spielberg. He'd like to offer you his next movie."

I was stunned. But I was smiling too because 1) she's funny and 2) she was WRONG and 3) she was WRONG!!!

"Really?!?", I stammer.

"Don't make a big deal out of it. I'm TOTALLY right most of the time."

The second time she was wrong led me to this blog.

So, I'm runnning errands and my wife calls me and says, "Guri, you have an audition next week for some vampire film and the part seems completely wrong for you. I just don't see them offering you this role."

I call my manager's office and her assistant, Elana, answers. I tell her that based on the breakdown, I feel I am not right for the role AND I have never used a Romanian dialect in my life. So, I think I'm going to pass on this one. Then I hear silence. TENSE silence. The kind of silence that makes you want to hide sharp objects.

"It's TWILIGHT, Guri. I don't CARE what you think of the role. Not only will you audition with a FANTASTIC Romanian dialect, you better get it..."

"Bbbbuuuttt...", I stammer.
"OK", I answer...meekly...

I go in with a QUICKLY developed Romanian dialect and...I get the offer. I couldn't WAIT to tell my wife.

"Don't make a big deal out of it. I am STILL right most of the time." was my wife's response followed closely with "You know, Guri...I think we're in for some big changes with this one." She kissed me, gave me a hug and said, "I think we'll need wine." and opened a bottle.

I dig that chick.

From there, my life becomes a whirlwind of change.

One change in particular that seemed innocuous - Summit P.R. ask me to get a Twitter account. I do but am unsure why Twilight fans would be interested in me, especially before the film is even out. However, it turns out that Twilight fans start blowing up my rather modest "followers" list. These are PASSIONATE fans and these are highly anticipated films in the saga and...they have lots of questions. So, before I know it I'm tweeting with Twifans all around the world. Paparazzi then start tracking me through Twitter and shooting me at airports. My life has come down to a blue bird.

The thing is...most of my stories take more than 140 characters. And, I realized, I have a LOT of great stories about people I've met, worked with, laughed with and cried with over the years, 'Breaking Dawn' being the biggest bag 'o' stories. So, I started writing them down.

So, welcome to my blog. Nothing is chronological - just an outpouring of memories. I originally thought I'd put out a few stories at once, seeing as how long it took me to write the %^&* stories. Naturally, I asked my wife. She thought that was a bad idea.

"You should put them out once a week, or once a month or something like that. EASE people into your odd point of view and twisted sense of humor.", she says.

I dig that chick.

Anywho, my next blog entry will feature the beautiful, intelligent, talented Mackenzie Foy. I hope, hope, hope we have a child like Mackenzie. I hope, hope, hope we're as good at parenting as Mackenzie's parents. Mark my words - this girl is going to be a big star AND have her head screwed on right when it happens. I'm saving the artwork she made me (yep, I'll post some pics) just because with her brains and talent, she might be Picasso one day. And I'll have known her when. :)

Take care everyone! See ya soon!


0 #36 Rachel Garber 2012-02-24 12:30
Hey Guri, Wow totally awesome fantastic that you got the part. Haha yes we Twihards are an interesting crowd to put it mildly. Of course we are interested in the characters in the Romanian coven, I think we (ok, some of us, ok I don't of anyone besides myself, cause I didn't take a poll) would like to see the Volturi deposed, if for no other reason than they wanted to kill some good vampires. Grrr. :-x So sorry to read that about your father, alev hashalom. Nasty bunch they are, not too impressed with what I read abt Munich, love most of his movies, not too crazy abt his take on the Arabs, but I digress. 8) Lots of luck to you and I hope you and your wife have a child like Makenzie, and that you do as good a job at raising your children as her parents did raising her.
0 #35 KARLA 2011-06-23 22:10
Wow "Dr. Guri" you are an excellent storyteller, are very refreshing, continues as well because i see you as the new writer of the best book best sold ;D congratulations on your changes
+1 #34 Celeste 2011-06-22 01:18
Finally I found the time to read your blog and the only thing I can say is WOW! The more I know about you, the more I feel lucky I met you and Tammy in Napoli. Can't wait for the next blog entry, I'm curious to see if you'll ever write something about our con! A huge hug from Italy
+1 #33 Tonya 2011-06-20 17:04
Hello! I love your blog..you do a wonderful job at telling your stories!! Looking forward to more in the future. What films have you done besides breaking dawn? Will have to check them out:)
+1 #32 Tina 2011-06-17 12:18
Just checking on the blog,my ray of sunshine. Peace Twilightgrandma
+1 #31 Hannah Twilight T 2011-06-15 08:56
*Straight to the bookmark file* Loved it!!! Lol about your wife! :D Sure did Prove her wrong! You're amazing!!! WOOP WOOP!
+1 #30 Christie Archer 2011-06-08 17:29
Love your blog! You have a great personality and I look forward to your work in the much anticipated Breaking Dawn films! I'm a huge Twilight fan (having read every book 23 times, lol)
+1 #29 @Mandynha_G 2011-06-06 04:54
I loved the post Guri,I really want to read about Mackenzie,she looks cute and smart
Ps.:I am a Brazilian fan, so maybe my English is wrong[2]
0 #28 Beatriz Miyazaki 2011-06-05 11:11
Awwn, Guri you're very kind and cute! Thank you for creating a blog to tell their stories (:
Ps.:I am a Brazilian fan, so maybe my English is wrong >.
+1 #27 Emperatriz 2011-06-05 11:00
I love your humor! :lol: you're so funny :D
Really, i'm excited to see you in Breaking Dawn!
Who always writes, from Venezuela... Kisses vampire! ;-)

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